Basic Golf Putting Contest Rules

Basic Golf Putting Contest Rules

Basic Golf Putting Contest Rules
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1.) NO Assistance of any kind either formally or informally, intentional or unintentional, however oblique in nature. NO “Showing the Line”.
2.) NO Practice, NO warm-up putts from the same line.
3.) NO qualifying shots from the same line or distance.
4.) NO Deflections, NO Rebounds allowed, No Rails allowed.
5.) NO Substitutions.
6.) NO Past or Current Golf Professionals.
7.) NO College or High School Golf Players within the last 2 years.
8.) NO Cross-Over from other sports (as per addendum #6) ex: Hockey professionals, Basketball but not limited to.’s determination is Final.
9.) NO Elite Amateurs fields. (50% or more of the field have currently or within 2 years played organized golf or a related cross-over sport and/or maintain a 10.0 handicap or less.)’s determination is Final. 10.) A professional is also defined as anyone who is currently in, or has been within the last 5 years, the Golf industry or pursues as a profession, profits and/or gains from the golf industry. EX: (Golf School Instructors, Golf Teachers, Golf School)’s determination is Final.
11.) Notification to contestant(s) can ONLY be made the day of the event and randomly selected. There was NO pre-registration, sign-up, or elimination of ANY individual person or group in order to SKEW the quality of golf level of the praticiapnts.
12.) 1 winner ONLY or shared award unless otherwise stated in writing.
13.) 4 Independent witnesses required. ( 2 for the measurement(s) of the putt(s) & 2 DIFFERENT witnesses for the actual prize winning attempted putt(s) ), 1 must be a Police or a PGA official if over $25,000, AND unedited videotape is ALSO required in ALL Instances. Unedited Videotape is required in ALL cases and NO exceptions, otherwise contest and claim will be Null & Void
14.) Only 1 Putt allowed per FINAL, the ONLY Eligible contracted contestant, from the contracted distance and/or Any distance in the contest. NO Multiple Attempts, additional shots, or Retry’s.
15.) Client/Contestants must also adhere to all contractual points, terms, conditions, and the rules and regulations of the USGA. NO exceptions under ANY condition or at ANY location.
16.) Homemade or temporary Putting surfaces Must be flat in Nature NOT have any sharp breaks towards the hole or breaks from each side of the cup causing Any type of funnel effect towards the hole. MINIMUM distance is required.’s determination is Final.
17.) NO Current or Former employees, immediate member of any family, agents, successors, assignee’s of the sponsor/client are eligible, as well as any promotional company, advertising agency, organization or company involved with the event. The parties acknowledge that is NOT liable for reimbursement of any prize(s) otherwise payable to promotional contestants who are in violation of this provision. WAIVED for LOCAL EVENTS.
18.) Names and likenesses of promotion winner(s) may be used by and or its designee(s) for promotional purposes without further compensation to the client or the promotion winner(s).
19.) Any and All changes to this addendum MUST be done in writing and signed on by the client and PRIOR to the event.
20.) All eligibility terms, and conditions of this addendum are the SOLE responsibility of the client.
21.) ONLY 1 contestant is eligible as a Grand Finalist. CLARIFICATION: When Putting Contests players are contracted for 1 (One) eligible player, this contest is for ONLY, 1 (One) FINAL Contestant. NOT more then 1 (One), to take ONLY 1 (One) FINAL Putt. NOT the "whole" field or More then 1 (One) Contestant is eligible or is allowed to compete for the prize award. NO Exceptions, Unless Contractual Stated for a higher number. If 2 (Two) FINAL Contestants, they only take 1 (One) Final Putt EACH. AGAIN, NOT the "whole" field. If 3, etc. etc. Please review & perform carefully.’s determination is FINAL.

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