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Hole-in-One Insurance
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It's Exciting! It's Simple! It's Inexpensive!
How It Works
In everyday terms, Hole-In-One Insurance is prize coverage without the prize risk.

It's That Simple.

Hole-In-One insurance is a challenge and an opportunity every golf event should offer.
It's the chance every golfer wishes for - The pot of gold at the end of every golfer's rainbow!

For every event, from a casual foursome to the largest tournaments and outings, works with you
to design a Hole-In-One prize program that is suitable to YOUR particular event and/or budget
(even if you have NO budget!)

Many tournament organizers solicit sponsors (car dealers, local businesses, friends, etc...) to pay for Hole-In-One coverage. This not only provides the prize for the tournament, but gives the sponsor positive exposure. Have THEM call for the best pricing, programs, and service available FOR YOUR EVENT!! Covers the Following Events -- AND MORE!!Charity & Fund Raising Events

Whether it be for a Hole-In-One, an Eagle or Double Eagle, Putting Contest, Bunker Shot Contest or one of our other Golf programs, always increases your odds by providing more for less.

Call for ALL of Your Event Insurance Needs!

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