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Why No One can Create, Replicate
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We are a business where 100 people tried to do, and all 100 people failed.

When explained to 100 people they will all claim they get it . . . then 5 minutes later forget any semblance of what we do & how we do it.


We are  . . . a McDonalds order style paced business with deadlines needed to be met within minutes, then constant modifications with additional deadlines - Gorilla to the umpteenth power on steroids Marketing outfit in a SEASONAL (operate at a 150% + level where we do 90% of our business over 60% of the year) In the Sports Contest & Specialty Promotion Prize super super niche industry where crazy risk analysis has to be performed in an instant and hedging that risk on an ongoing basis. Deals are often calculated negotiated and closed with signed agreements within 6-8 minutes without any “heads up”. Taking key time off during that time will affect your annual bottom line.


We are the original creators of Putting Contest Prize Insurance the # 2 contest in the world for prize giveaways where we performed a 40-city golf test with over 100,000 amateur golfers compiling the proprietary worlds standard statistics on them. No one can compete with us here.


The Original creator of Helicopter Ball Drop – Disc Golf Tosses – Paper Airplane Tosses – Fishing Contests – Specialty Promos – ½ court Basketball Contest – Wedding Bouquet Tosses – Dr Pepper ½ time Bowl Game Contests - Slide the Hockey puck. . .  seen on TV, in Movies and more. Therefore, others follow our lead, play copycat, and can put out a reckless cutting corners product that we will end up correcting flawed methodologies to a misinformed public.


We use 36 different software’s (even worked hand in hand with Microsoft on the initial development of a prototypes of the original ESP software program). that interact in a state-of-the-art manner with one and other in order to maintain maximum efficiency. Glitches and dealing with are commonplace. The Largest Golf Sign company in the USA. Data base of 100,000+ clients. Work 14-hour days ala a bank teller w/ No cell phones out or distractions allowed, as every key stroke matter in dollars & cents, prize risk, data input and in software code, without lunch, breaks, rarely are able to schedule appointments, while never noticing where the time went on the clock. As they say Time flies when you are having fun.


In an atypical day we will get correspondences from a Gold Medal winning Olympian para-athlete - 3 Harley-Davidson dealerships – Governor of Montana – Sammy Hagars manager – Fish n Game of Alaska – San Antonio Spurs – Microsoft – Suicide Help Line - ALL BEFORE LUNCH. Therefore, why we don’t telling anyone what you do for a living as that always gets the eyes rolling and the looks that this person is just trying to impress with bs.


We cut in ½ Kevin Bacon’s 6 degrees to 3 degrees of separation from every industry and shaker & mover. Yet we are a small mom & pop type of business with low margins. Those lifelong friends think you can still just drop everything & anything all the time because you own your own biz.


Lloyds of London meet Kevin’s of Connecticut with a speed dating twist.


And now ya know what we do. Of course not. It takes 2-3 years of understudy, to walk in our flip flops that we call work boots, to grasp and implement with after 5 years or perspective would anyone be able to attempt to handle the risk analysis. No one has come close to reaching that level.


Finally, if you enjoy your job profession career gig you will never work a day in your life. I have never worked a minute here. 

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