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Tagged Fish Contest Insurance


1.) Tagged Fish. Contestant(s) catching 1 or more tagged fish win the designated award(s).
2.) Tagged Team Fish. A specified # of fish are tagged and numbered.
The first two (2) fish caught match the random pre-selected numbers YOU WIN.
3.) Multi-Tagged Fish Event. 100 Fish will be tagged numerically (or number you select).
If the First Tagged Fish caught matches the randomly pre-selected #. YOU WIN. or Consolation prize for Non Grand prize winner

Major Factors in the Calculation of our fee(s) (Information we will Need for a Precise Quote) are:
a.) Fishing days and hours (length of time contestants can catch the winner) Generally these are for 1/2 to 1 day or a long weekend.
b.) location(s) for Fishing (body of water size, depth)
c.) # of Fisherman # of Boats (officially registered and not officially registered contestants)
d.) $$ Value of prize (Cash Boat Motor Fishing trip)

Minor Factors are:
a.) Potential # of fisherman eligible (professional fisherman?)
b.) statistical analysis
c.) other intangibles
d.) Species of Fish

We will ALWAYS Supply you with a set of rules for your Fishing Tournaments Specific Contest . . . and YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE OUR FISHING CONTESTS to YOUR LIKING.

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