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We are a business where 100 people tried to do, and ALL 100 people failed.

We are One-of-a-Kind Unigue on What We Do AND One-of-a-Kind Unique to, on How We Do It.

When explained to 100 people they will all claim they get it . . . then 5 minutes later forget any semblance of what we do & how we do it, But that it's Sports Promotions related and a lotta Golf. Thinkin this is might be some form of Insurance. Well it isn't. Then it kinda is. Then it really is Not.


We are  . . . a McDonalds order style paced business with deadlines needed to be met within minutes, then constant modifications with additional deadlines - PLUS on TOP of that, a GORILLA Marketing to the umpteenth power on steroids Internet Marketing and elsewise outfit in a SEASONAL Business (operating at a 150% + level where we do 90% of our business over 60% of the year).


We are close to an 8-Days-a-Week Operation of Sports Contests & Specialty Promotions, Prize Providing in the super super niche industry that we created most of. Where crazy risk analysis has to be performed in an instant and hedging that risk on an ongoing basis. Deals are often calculated negotiated and closed with signed agreements within 6-8 minutes without any “heads up” or much lead time. Taking key time off during that time will affect your annual bottom line. Not meeting deadlines can cost you $1000's.

Here at Hole-in-WON we simply get every job done. Meet Every Deadline. Can handle Drop Everything - Deal with it - Help is Needed NOW Urgent requests for Promotions & Prizes. Ask about our Grand Opening at Grand Central Station Michael Jordan Putting Contest Bail-Out in One Call or The Wynn Resort frantic call at Midnight call to help their Hospitality Convention tomorrow where others over promised and under delivered or did not deliver at all. We are "The Real Deal" or at least can be when needed.


We are the original creators of Putting Contest Prize Insurance the # 2 contest in the world for prize giveaways where we performed a 40-city golf tour test with over 100,000 amateur golfers compiling the proprietary and world's world class statistics on them. No one can comprehend the magnitude of these #'s or compete with us here. This is 100 x's more due diligence then election pollsters do and predict outcomes.


The Original creator of Helicopter Ball Drop – Disc Golf Tosses – Paper Airplane Tosses – Fishing Contests – Specialty Promos – ½ court Basketball Contest – Wedding Bouquet Tosses – Dr Pepper ½ time Bowl Game Contests - Slide the Hockey puck. . .  seen on TV, in Movies, at all kinda Sports, Special Events and more. Therefore, others follow our lead, play copycat, and can put out reckless "quick to market" to "catch up", a cutting corners product that we end up correcting the very flawed methodologies to an unsuspecting badly misinformed over charged public.


We use 36 different software’s (even worked hand in hand with Microsoft on the initial development of a prototype(s) of the original ESP (Email Service Provider) Software Program) that all interact in a state-of-the-art manner with one another . . . in order to maintain maximum efficiency. Glitches and dealing with are commonplace. The Largest Golf Sign company in the USA. Data base of 100,000+ clients. Work 14-hour days ala a bank teller w/ No cell phones out or distractions allowed, as every key stroke matters in dollars & cents, prize risk, data input and in software coding. Often without lunch, breaks, Impossible to schedule appointments, accepting calls from India at 2:00 AM and Europe at 6:00 AM, while never noticing where the time went on the clock. As they say Time flies . . .


In an atypical day we will get correspondences from a Gold Medal winning Olympian Paralympian - 3 Harley-Davidson Dealerships – Governor of Montana – Sammy Hagar's Manager that also freelances as the editor of Palm Springs Magazine – Fish n Game of Alaska ( whom were away from all forms of communication for 30 days and heading back out . . . so if we dont chat now who knows when the next time might be) - IT Specialists from Silicon Valley - San Antonio Spurs – Microsoft – Suicide Help Line – Penn St U - ALL BEFORE LUNCH. Then on some days, last minutes needs from Golf Courses in South Africa & Portugal with an in the middle of the night email requiring an urgent immediate conference request from the National Marketing Director for Fiat CDJR of Canada and thats ALL BEFORE BREAKFAST. There fore the reasoning as to why we don’t tell anyone or talk about what we do for a living . . . as that will always gets the eyes rolling and always the looks that this person is just trying to impress us with "laying it on thick" bs.


We cut in ½ Kevin Bacon’s 6 degrees to 3 degrees of separation from every industry and shaker & mover. Yet we are a small mom & pop type of business with low margins. Mistakes or cutting corners can wipe out weeks even months worth of revenue. While lifelong Friends & Associates think you can still just drop everything & anything all the time because you work your own biz and hours. LOL not a chance and boy can they as well as sales personnel, vendors and appointment seekers throw hissy fits sometimes, not understanding as to why their 15 minutes or more of infamy cannot cut in line or reach our top echelon of importance. WE PRIORTORIZE PROFESSIONALLY & Properly according to Importance and Deadlines to be met. We therfore can handle drop everything and deal with business, when and often required, where if we dropped everything for outside business distractions we would NOT be in business for long. WE Simply GET the JOB DONE.


Lloyds of London meet Kevin’s of Connecticut with a speed dating twist.


And now ya know what we do. Of course Not. But many others have thought so also. Lawyers, Regulators, Sports Promoters, Event Coordinators, General public have all "Rushed to Judgement" Misconstrued - Misjudged and Misinterpreted our Niche. It sincerly takes 1-2-3 years of understudy, to walk in our flip flops that we endearingly call work boots, everyday with zero to little time off, to grasp and then attempt to implement . . . then, with & after years of this perspective would anyone be able to attempt to handle the quick risk analysis or should. No one has come close to reaching that level. So if anyone tells you what we do or wants to put us in a Category, Box, Industry or Group, you have our permission to roll yer eyes at them.


Finally, as they say, if you enjoy your job profession career gig you will never work a day in your life. I have never worked a minute here. EVER. 

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