Basketball Promotions

Here are some promotions that will just slam-dunk your fans at half-time! Generate Publicity, Good Will and Fundraising!
1/2 Court, 3/4 Court, or Full-Court Shots - Give your contestants a chance to make one long shot for a 'Grand Prize' of your choice.
4-Shot Contest - Within 25 Seconds of excitement and fun, your contestant(s) must try to make a lay-up, a free-throw, a 3-point shot and a 1/2 court shot. They can take as many shots as they want until they get to half-court, where only ONE shot is allowed.
2 out of 3 from Half-court - A simple variation of our 1/2 court shot contest.
3-Point series Contest - Contestants must make FIVE 3-point shots, from five different marked areas. All within 25 seconds of fun and excitement! ''Beat the Clock from Around the World!''
Shoot, Turn, Shoot Again - Contestant picks a location on the court and they try to make two shots, first at one hoop and then the other - for any Grand Prize of your choice.
FRISBEE TOSSES (!) - We also offer contests where your contestants try to throw a frisbee into the hoop. Original, Unique and Fun! And don't forget about the LONG PUTT CONTEST on the court, too.

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