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What Is Hole-In-One Insurance?
How It Works

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It's Exciting! It's Simple! It's Inexpensive!
How It Works
In everyday terms, Hole-In-One Insurance is prize coverage without the prize risk.

It's That Simple.

Hole-In-One insurance is a challenge and an opportunity every golf event should offer.
It's the chance every golfer wishes for - The pot of gold at the end of every golfer's rainbow!

For every event, from a casual foursome to the largest tournaments and outings,
Hole-In-Won.com works with you
to design a Hole-In-One prize program that is suitable to YOUR particular event and/or budget
(even if you have NO budget!)

Many tournament organizers solicit sponsors (car dealers, local businesses, friends, etc...) to pay for Hole-In-One coverage. This not only provides the prize for the tournament, but gives the sponsor positive exposure. Have THEM call Hole-In-Won.com for the best pricing, programs, and service available FOR YOUR EVENT!!

Hole-In-Won.com Covers the Following Events -- AND MORE!!Charity & Fund Raising Events

Whether it be for a Hole-In-One, an Eagle or Double Eagle, Putting Contest, Bunker Shot Contest or one of our other Golf programs, Hole-In-Won.com always increases your odds by providing more for less.

Call Hole-In-Won.com for ALL of Your Event Insurance Needs!

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