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Hole-In-Won.com delivers a wide variety of prize coverage programs for you to choose from, depending on YOUR preferences and YOUR budget. Whether your special program or affiliation is listed or not, please contact your Hole-In-Won.com representative. If we don't already have your program in place, we will work with you to establish one.

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Hello HOCKEY Team Owners, Staff, Event Directors, Promotion, Advertising, PR, Community Service Department(s), Sponsors & Players!
My name is Chris . . . and I represent the . . . #1 . . . FIRST and FOREMOST Company . . .
for HOCKEY CONTEST Prize Insurance for all HOCKEY Events!

Whether you are AWARE or NOT . . . that every type of Prize for a FUN Hockey Contest such as CASH! CARS! TRIPS! or Any Prize IMAGINABLE! . . . IS AVAILABLE for ALL HOCKEY EVENTS . . .
I would like to give you a . . .
NO OBLIGATION . . . @ 203-831-0600 . . . quote or conference!

HAVE FANS or ANY # of CONTESTANT(S) . . . Large Events or Small . . . SHOOT A PUCK from one face off dot to the opposite face off dot “the Puck Stops Here” . . . bank a shot off the boards from one goal crease into the far goal . . . from the far blue line or center ice through a target hole . . .. are just some of the popular contests . . . have one person or more individually attempt or do as a two person Tandem-Team event with Speed Shooting to WIN . . . GUESS-the-GOAL time on the clock . . . HAT TRICKS or give us some customized suggestions anyway to your liking.

You will be surprised at how inexpensive our HOCKEY prize coverage can be . . . $125 Starting Fee! and how much Fun and Excitement will be generated by offering a $10,000 or $25,000 CASH award! PLUS ALL the promotional return and awareness for sponsors at your event will be unmatched. PLUS Oh, So, Captivating for Sponsors and FANS. PLUS Very Profitable for Fundraising or Attendance increases when conducted within our proven formulas and More!

    We have provided LARGE $$ Prize insurance for ALL of these COMPANIES: Coca-Cola, Harley-Davidson, Carlsberg Beer, NBC, Heineken USA, Honda, Banana Boat Sun Screen . . . PRO TEAMS: NY Yankees, NY Mets, NY Jets, Boston Bruins . . . SCHOOLS: U of Virginia, Long Beach High School, New Mexico State, Norfolk State, Air Force Academy . . . HOMETOWN LOCAL EVENTS and more! . . . We even had a 60 year old Grandmother as a winner!!

    WE CREATED and OFFER INSURED HOCKEY PRIZES for THEM ALL! . . . We therefore have . . . many other HOCKEY contest variations from Guess the Goal-Time or Attendance, Score within the first 20 seconds, Hat-Trick games for one-time, weekend, seasonal, or longer, to fit every style of event, budget or any request!

    YOU MAY ALREADY HAVE SEEN us at a local SPORTING Event or HEARD ABOUT us around the USA and Worldwide! as we have insured prizes at: Madison Square Garden, the Mandalay Bay Convention Center LAS VEGAS, PGA Show in Orlando, Meadowlands NJ, Daytona International Speedway, Dallas Cowboy Stadium, many other places and venues over the years like CHINA, EUROPE, the CARIBBEAN, SOUTHEAST ASIA and more! . . . PLUS at your local Corporate outings, Charity Benefits, Special Events, Trade Shows, in Showrooms, at small and large business functions, Fundraisers and more.

    Over 25 YEARS of PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. One Hundred Percent payouts of 10M . . . at thousands of regular sport events, from your local hometown, to the PGA Tour and WorldWide . . . So, Check Us out, Our Winners, Our Testimonials, at - www.hole-in-WON.com - The Home of Hole-In-One Insurance, and NOW . . . HOCKEY CONTEST Insurance . . . and More!

    LAST MINUTE, 24 HOUR-TURNAROUND . . . on a BUDGET . . . NO Problem!
    Simply, email us or CELL-PHONE us with your requests . . . with 24/7 assistance available.

    ANY OTHER SPORT, GOLF CONTEST & SPECIALTY PROMOTION PRIZE REQUESTS are ALSO COVERED! Should you have a different prize or contest in mind, we cover ALL Golf and ALL Other Sports & Specialty Promotion Prizes, like Putting Contests, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Disc Golf, Direct Mail, Newspaper Inserts, Texas Hold ‘Em-Royal Strait Flush, Lacrosse, Frisbee, Radio, Guessing Games, Casino, Poker Run and Walk-a-Thons, simply any and all Specialty Promotion or a Customized Contest . . . just give us a call at 203-831-0600.

    GET an INSTANT QUOTE or Just a Simple QUESTION answered by:
    Contacting us directly at 203-831-0600 and email . . . We're here "FORE" you and if you have any questions at all, or if there is anything I can help you with, whatsoever . . . feel free to ask . . . or to obtain a quick INSTANT QUOTE visit us on the web at: -INSTANT QUOTE- Form

    such as a car dealer, corporate sponsor, associate or friend . . . KINDLY PASS THIS ALONG. We will work with them to save time and $$, and create a unique package, to make the event stand out!!

    Good Luck, Hockey Moms, Hockey Dads and Hockey Fans!

    Contact Hole-in-WON.com
    Chris Harris
    222 Purchase Street, Suite # 291
    Rye, NY 10580-2101
    203-831-0600 Direct Line
    203-838-0352 Fax
    203-219-3090 Cell Phone . . . If Anytime Assistance Needed!
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    And Remember!

    Hole-In-Won.com is the ONLY Hole-In-One insurance and Prize Coverage provider that has raised and donated tens of thousands of dollars back back to the charities, communities and fundraising organizations we work with.

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    Hole In One Prizes & Golf Insurance
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    About Us
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