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Gramma with a kick
The way Anna Grego figures it, ''there had to to be an angel at the end of that football.'' Grego, a 61-year-old grandmother from Shoreham never had kicked a football in her life before she was chosen to be one of six contestants in the $1-million kickoff the Jets held at half-time Sunday. One 20-yard field goal later, Grego had won a 1996 Mercury Sable.
When Grego entered the contest last month, she assumed her son-in-law would be allowed to kick if she was selected. But she had to handle the chores , competing with five men. So Grego, and her husband, George, found a high school field Saturday and practiced a few kicks, then laughed about it with other family members. On Sunday, all six participants missed from 30 yards. Then Grego converted from 20 to for the car.

''I've never held a football, let alone kicked one,'' Grego said. ''That was my first game, my first time in a stadium, my first everything.''

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