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Hole-in-One Club
Official Rules

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1. Only paid members who are amateur golfers are eligible
2. Eligibility begins the day your dues payment is received and continues for one year thereafter.
3. Renewal is at the member's discretion
4. Hole-In-One MUST be witnessed by two other people, either playing partners, group ahead, group behind or on the course.
5. Both witnesses AND the Golf Pro must attest to the Hole-In-One.
6. Attestment forms for Golf Pro and witnesses supplied by Hole-In-Won.com.
7. You must submit an attested scorecard.

8. Hole-In-One must be made on a regulation-size course, from the teeing ground; you must complete nine holes to qualify; minimum 125 yards for men, 100 yards for women.
9. Par 3 courses, Mulligans, temporary tees, and temporary greens NOT permitted.
10. USGA rules apply in all cases.
11. You MUST call (508) 664-6268 OR (203) 831-0600 within 72 hours to claim your award package.
12. Flights are available from Continental U.S. Cities and select other areas. Winners from outside these areas will receive a $250 flight credit toward their travel.
13. Good Luck & Good Golfing!
All Judgements are at the sole discretion of Hole-in-Won.com. All decisions are final. © ____ Hole-In-Won.com
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