Hole in One Clearing house Complaints claim dispute

the REAL Hole in One Claims
Hole in One Industry Story
Plus a Snapshot of 200+
Competitor Mishaps and Official Oversight

hole-in-one insurance fraud

BEFORE . . . you listen to . . . SENSATIONALIZED stories about . . . ( scroll thru ALL the link pages ) 

Hole in One claims Denied . . . written “over the top” about some Event Winner getting slighted . . .
JOURNALISTS and LAWYERS gone wild . . . 3rd parties, Regulators, AG, State Officials making outlandish claims
for Publicity on "Saving the Day" and Distributing Ill Informed Press Releases.

. . . or unscrupulous Competitors, Event directors or Golfers taking the low road, slagging us and others . . .

IT IS an UNDENIABLE FACT that the OVERWHELMING Hole in One and Contest Prize mishaps

Events NON-compliance or willing to abide by the rules, Standard Contractual Terms & Conditions.
BLATANT Rule Violations w/ Accidental Ineptness ( then looking for a scapegoat )

THE REST are unfortunately GOLFERS & people CHEAT, take liberties with the rules and are DISHONEST about their alleged achievements.
While many other events NEVER APPLY or PAY for prize coverage, thinking that a Hole-in-One or Contest feat will never happen.

IT HAPPENS . . . here is only a snapshot of the 100’s of documented cases and 10 millions PLUS of dollars of verified NON compliance.
“Rules are NOT made to be broken” . . . for Golf or ANY Sport . . .
No matter what a Journalist, Lawyer, or Official tells you.
AMAZINGLY an Overwhelming 99% of these Event Foul-ups do NOT involve our company
Also amazing is the statistical ratio since our firm has been around longer & performed more events than the rest involved herein.

 While . . . No one HAS EVER PURSUED us to get the easily 100% verifiable OTHER SIDE of the story ? Sadly it's not as Newsworthy.

a Handful of Competitors, their Reps and Officials actually demanded webpages of this information to be shut down, After embarrassing "foot in mouth".
( note the Latest LANCE ARMSTRONG story . . . our company turned down him and his Management Company "Tailwind Sports" FIRST . . .
as we fully understood the sports feat cheating propensity there ) Years before the General Public and High Level Officials caught on.

PUTTING CONTEST jury decides
Hole-in-One company

Putting Contest lawsuit in NY Chevrolet dealer Rules violated $10,000
$40,000 Hole-in-One False Claim
Perpetrated by Mayor - Mayors Son
and Developer Illinois

Hole in One Fraud Mayor Developer rigged contest again
9-11 Firemen Benefit
Does NOT purchase
Hole-in-One coverage

2nd Hole-in-One  on Same Hole
 denied by HIOI not included
 In contract agreement  

Hole in One International fraud denied two hole in one claims
called "lawyers gone wild" after HIO
Mishaps by Event Director attorney

hole in one mishap new jersey golf American hole n one
GOLF DIGEST verifies
Dishonest & fraud in
Golfers Hole in Ones Claim

Golf Digest sees FRAUD in Hole in One claim
Hole in One Clearing House Dennis Chase Denied ANOTHER claim at an alarming rate with GTAA Phil Immordino  

Hole in One fraud Dennis Chase Clearing House
Fishing Contest Cheats
go National

Fishing contest cheats
Hole in One Clearing House HIOCH Dennis Chase Denies ANOTHER claim with GTAA Phil Immordino backing

Hole in One fraud Dennis Chase GTAA Clearing House

Hole in One International in
$ 1 Million
MDA Hole-in-One
Dispute and Denied feat

Million Dollar Hole in One Insurance Fraud Hole in one International lawsuit

50 yards Short

Canada Hole-in-One car
NOT Awarded
by American Hole in One

American hole in One insurance fraud denies car hole in one claim in Canada
$10,000 HIO International
Women denied claim
Scottsdale Arizona
LaPaloma Country Club

Hole in one fraud Hole in One International sued over Non payment

Hole Yardage Denied MDA Claim
Muscular Dystophy PHOENIX, AZ
$10,000 by Hole in One INTERNATIONAL

Hole in One Frauds Hole in One International yardage golf mishap Muscular Dystrophy Association Golf
 Hole-in-One contractual rules
Golf Mishaps Lawsuit
by HIO International

Hole in One Scam Hole in One international 2 hole in one claim mishaps Dell computer
$17,000 Boat in Wisconsin
NOT set up to the proper
150 minimum yardage

Hole in One case National Hole in One Fraud Boat winner Wisconsin Golf
Lawyer sues OWN University
Over improper set up
of JEEP Hole in One rules

Hole in One Prize not awarded BUSINESS IN VANCOUVER BIV Golf American Hole in One Case Lawsuit
Hole in One in
Violation of witness rules

Hole in One USA frauds Califronia Golfer Nevada
Mitsubishi Canada and
Golf Club Mis Advertise
Hole in One Lawsuit

Canada Hole in One scam American Hole in one Car vs. Lease case lawsuit
Puerto Rico Daily Sun
CGA of Cincinnati denies Car
Hole-in-One at
Puerto Rico event

CGA Hole in One insurance fraud Charitable Golf Case for polygraph test
IOWA Golfer uses Mulligan for
HIO denied prize on COURT-TV
For Violating USGA rules

Hole in One Case Civil Court TV
 HIO company SUREBET 
Financial stress report

Surebet Hole in One Fraud D & B Report Surebet Al Elia Insurance fraud
D&B report
Continued worst D & B rating
On SUREBET Florida HIO company

Surebet Hole in One Scam Bankruptcy going out of business in next 12 month DNB Hole in One Report
FOUR (4) HIO companies
Denied their


Hole in One Insurance Frauds Surebet Unlicensed Agents
LARGEST $150,000.00 CASH
NON PAYMENT by Hole in One Clearing House Dennis Chase

Hole in One Insurance Fraud Dennis Chase Hole in One Clearing House Prize not Awarded Largest case GTAA Chicago golf
Montana Football Kick Winner
denied prize by Hole in One International
violates Pro Rules & eligibility

Football Kick Contest Hole in One International prize not awarded Missoula Montana AG no charges no political gain
Armed Forces Appreciation
Kick Winner is a PRO
HIO International Lawsuit

Hole in One Insurance Fraud Montana Insurance frauds
HERSHEY’s Food Corp
Agrees with Hole-in-WON.com
“rules are rules”

Hersheys Football kick Contest Hole in Won Agree to Rules
Chattanooga TENN
Car dealer denies
Prize for Hole-in-One

News 9 Tennessee Hole in One Not Awarded US Hole in One Bryn Mahr Scam
Stockton CA FORD
FLEX Hole-in-One Denied 
for rules non-compliance

Hole in One USA insurance fraud claim denies Ford Dealer Winner
Golf Promotions denies MASS
Putting Contest winner for
Multiple rules violations

Golf Promotions Putting Contest Mishap Massachusetts Golf Rules
With GM bankruptcy now comes
properly scrutinizing of Hole-in-One claims results in denied claims

GM Hole in One Insurance program fraud GMC
Hole in One USA denies
FORD car for playing 27 holes
Not 18

Hole in One Insurance case Hole in One USA FORD dealer non payment
ABC 7 news Maryland
Harley-Davidson denied
Claim for rules improprieties

Non Payment Harley Davidson Hole in One International Virginia Maryland Nevada
Langley Air Force base
Mercedes Benz dealer
denies claim for HIO

Harley Davidson Non payment case Hole in One International Mercedes
TWO Hole in One claims
denied in the same week
5k Golf Cart & $100,000

Golf Cart Hole in One Insurance Fraud Hole in One International EZGO
Fishing Contest Winner
CHEATED denied Dodge

Ice fish winner caught cheating Wisconsin
NEW ENGLAND HIO reps attempts to
add $5,000 improperly on top
winners claim and sponsor wishes

New England Hole in One Fraud Company
NY POST NJ winner makes
HIO on wrong hole. Tournament
Organizers at fault

Hole in One News NY Post American Hole in One Rule Screw Up
Association did NOT
Pay for the Hole in One
Contract Agreement

Non Payment for Hole in One Policy Contract
Bar Association & lawyers
Concur Wrong hole Wrong Rules
Event directors Liability for Car

Hole in One Golf Lawsuit Lawyers Agreement Philadelphia news denied claim in NJ
US Hole in One
Finally pays to settle
Tournament Organizers mistakes

US Hole in One Case Lawsuit finally pays Florida Event claim
Wisconsin Putting Contest
Denied claim for numerous rules
Errors in event

Putting Contest Rules Violations WISCONSIN Golf-Hole-in-One
HIO International denies
$1 Million Hole-in-One
for 11 yards short

million dollar prize not awarded Hole in One International Odds on Promotions
Police Officer ask other
Police Officers to make up facts
on improper Hole-in-One contest

POLICE Officer tells others to Falsify Putting Contests Rules claim documents
OHIO Car dealer
Mishap on HIO event
HIO company not responsible

Volvo of Colorado Hole in One mishap problem

Wisconsin BUICK and Event change
Hole # Winner wants to get Car for
 “original” hole Hole-in-One?

American Hole in One case lawsuit Buick hole in one program mess

# 1 FUBAR Hole in One ! - Car parked at wrong hole. Winner Lies about Feat
Event Never purchases Insurance

NATIONAL Hole in One involved
denied claim with GTE
GTE admits errors in running the event

National Hole in One prize not awarded frauds case ripoff

Car Salesman admits
Mistake in
Car Giveaway

Contest Mistakes Saturn Georgia American Hole in One

National Hole-in-One Loses
case for Hole-in-One Prize
offered on # 9. Shot made on # 18?

National Hole in One case wrong hole lawsuit ripoff improper contest

CGA Charitable Golf Association
Denies claim for
NO proper attestments
forms filed Albuquerque NM

CGA hole in one insurance complaint ripoff Cincy Auto Dealers

Minnesota golfer
Violates Hole-in-One
Contest sponsor rules

Golf Cheater Golf Cheat Hole in One Insurance Contest

Football Association
Did NOT write check
or Pay for HIO contract

Football Association No Payment Golf Insurance Check Hole in One Contest Mistake

Michigan Insurance Agent
Files False Claim for
Larger Prize NOT actually won

False Claim Michigan Insurance Agent Hole in One Insurance Scam Commissioner

Ohio VOLVO dealer
Puts up improper Lease
Deal for Hole-in-One

Volvo Car Dealer Hole in One Dispute Case Ohio Auto Dealer

Hole in One International in
Insurance vs. NOT
Insurance dispute

Hole in One International Ripoff HIO International Dispute State Insurance Commissioner

Police Officer files
False Hole in One claims

Hole in One golf false claim police officer golf cheat cheater
Cleveland Browns denied
Punt, Pass & Kick claim w/
Craig Meyers Stone Montain GA

Craig Meyers Georgia Hole in One Cheat Golf Cheater Inept Football Contest Stone Mountain GA
Contest ILLINOIS Copy Cat

Hole in One Scam Mayor Illinois Replicated Stamford CT Advocate

Houston Texas auto dealer
fails up contest
Giveaway for Ford

Key Contest Mishap Mistakes Car Dealer Texas errors complaint
Alonzo Mourning Charities
Former NBA Miami Heat & NY
Knick Denied $1 Million HIO

Hole in One International Million Dollar Lawsuit Ripoff Hole in One Insurance NBA Golf
Former player on
High School team
Ineligible and denied Prize

Complaint Hole in One International Montana football kick Claim Denied Rules Violation Complaints News
Golf Event Services Co. & NJ
Business Assoc. BLAME
One another for wrong hole HIO

NJ Golf Event Services Company Hole in One Foul Up Fail case NY Times
Hole in One Claim denial
and 2 shots at the hole ?

National Hole in One Insurance frauds Golf Tournament Blunder
International Golf Mgmt
of Georgia denies
7 shot Hole-in-One !

Craig Meyers Stone Mountain Georgia Hole in One Golf Cheat Rat Insurance Department no show
Student Athlete
for Prize claim

Hole in One International contest insurance case Troy Peissig Montana Golf Fraud
Canada Attorney sues over
amateur status ineligibility
American HIO Claim denied

American Hole n One insurance fraud claim Canada Lawyer case Rip Off
Three (3) False
Hole in One

False Hole in One Winner Claims Golf Cheater Charges
They (these false SPORTS claimants & rule breakers) . . . are cheating ALL of US

False Hole in One Winner Claims No Different Lance Armstrong Golf Cheater Charges
Commodities Broker
Denied $1 million shot
New York

Hole in One International million dollar hole in one insurance frauds broker
Toledo Ohio Auto Auction
Denied $10,000 Putting Claim
by Golf-Hole-in-One of New Jersey

Roy-Feldman Golf Hole-in-One Company fraud Claim Putting Contest Prize Not Awarded.jpg
FRAUD in Hole-in-One

golf digest confirm hole in one frauds cheaters scam
Putting Contest
Improperly Run
$5,000 Winner denied

Roy Feldman Golf Hole in One fraud NJ New Jersey Links Worldwide.jpg
Exchange Chariman sues
NBA player over
HIO yardage mishap

Hole in One International Trump million dollar hole in one insurance fraud broker.jpg
Ineligible winner
partial winner
in a settlement

No Payment Hole in One insurance Sponsor Ineligible Golfer Contest foul up event
Lawyer NOT awarded
HIO Jeep Cherokee for
HIO contract rules non-compliance

American Hole in One Non Payment Award No Prize Canada Golf Lawyer
US Hole in One winner
Complaint Dispute
TV Show embarasses US Hole in One

US Hole in One Insurance Prize not Awarded claim Unlicensed Golf One man Company

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Hole-in-One Winner
Denied by HIO International
Hole in One International RENO, NEVADA

Harley Davidson Not Paid Prize Award hole in one claim by HIO hole in one international RENO Nevada HIOI
Car Wash Owner Spends Hole in One Check
for $10,000 HIO 2 Months Earlier ?
Then files False Unpaid Claim with State AG
Wasted Investigation & Man Hours
as AG Believes Buffoon over Cashed Check

Hole in One Fraud Files False Claim Case attorney general Texas
$1.5 MILLION of False
Hole-in-One Claims
Syndicate Swindlers

Hole in One swindlers Group Scheme scam
Des Moines Iowa
Teenager Improper HIO Claim
For Hitting a “Mulligan”

Court TV News Hole in One Dispute Contract Conditions Terms Violation Rules Broken Dispute
Hole in One Clearing House HIOCH GTAA

Hole in one Clearing House Frauds Dennis Chase Colorado Attorney General case HIOCH scam
TRUMP Golf Course
Involved in $1 million
Hole in One dispute

Hole in One International Million Dollar Hole in One NY Not Paid Out Donald Trump Golf Course
False attested Scorecard
Scorecard for "Lance Armstrong of Golf"
Multiple Violation Montana Golfer Claim

Hole in One Fraud Troy Peissig Montana Case 130 yards official score card for a 170 yard hole USGA Rules Scammer.jpg
$$$$ 5 FIVE MILLION $$$$
co-covers events with Warren Buffet

Lance Armstrong Cheating Scheme Hole in One Insurance Company.jpg


Hole-in-One in Virginia denied by
HIO International HIOI

Harley Davidson NON prize award payment hole in one international Reno Nevada Mark Gilmartin.jpg


HIO International verification issues

Another Harley-Davidson HARLEY NON Prize Award payment Hole-in-one-international Reno Nevada.jpg
Montgomery County HARLEY-DAVIDSON
Hole-in-One International RENO Nevada
denies payment to Police Officer witness

Harley Davidson denied winner by Hole in One International HIOI RENO
Golfers Cheating "watching the
line" Putting Contest violation
Taking down from YouTube

golfer cheating cheats Putting Contest USGA Rules breaking violation
Former Tennesse golf Pro
Files not 1 but 2
false HIO claims

Golf Pro Ineligible Hole in One Insurance Contest Rules scam PGA

Hole in One Insurance International DisputeHole in One International LawsuitHole in One International CaseHole in One International FraudHole in One International ComplaintsHole in One Clearing House FraudHole in One Clearing House Disputes CaseHole in One Clearing House LawsuitHIOCH Dennis Chase Hole in One FraudSurebet Hole in One ComplaintsUS Hole in One DisputeUS Hole in One Complaintshole in one insurance lawsuitHole in One Cheats complaintsHole in One Golf insurance caseHole in One Insurance DisputeHole in One Lawsuit GTAA Hole in One ComplaintsGolf Tournament Association of America ComplaintsHole in One Insurance caseNational Hole in One Complaint insuranceAmerican Hole in One Complaintthisone Hole in One insurance Tournamentsthisone Hole in One insurance Tournament Tee Signsthisone Hole in One insurance Golf Fund Raisingthisone Hole in One insurance Golf Tee SignsHole in One International insurance ComplaintsHole in One International ReviewsOdds on Promotions LawsuitsOdds on Promotions Rip OffOdds on Promotions Complaints Charity Events
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