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How To Apply For Hole-In-One Insurance Coverage

1.) Call your PERSONAL Hole-In-Won.com Representative, or
2.) E-Mail Hole-In-Won.com

Either way, Hole-In-Won.com will promptly provide you with further information, a quote or a contract. Please review our General Information Section, as well as your appropriate dealer programs for more information on how we can be of service to you and your dealership.

ACURA Dealers

Hole-In-Won.com has developed a premium program to insure ALL Acura-related Hole-In-One activity. Every Acura model is included in the program. Leasing Programs included. Mention Acura when applying.

FORD Dealers (Northeast Region)

Co-op program between Ford Motor Company/Northeast Region and representative dealers in the New England area. Hole-In-Won.com is working with the regional office, through solicitation of area dealers, tournament directors and golf courses to secure events for this program.

  • Northeast Regional Office pays 50% of Hole-In-One insurance premium
  • Program initially limited to selected, high-profile events
  • Qualifications for program solely determined by the Northeast Regional Office of Ford Motor Co.
  • New England Area Ford dealers; Tournament Directors; Club Pros - CALL Hole-In-Won.com
  • In the majority of cases, where the preceeding circumstances do not apply, Hole-In-Won.com continues to provide its many Ford dealer clients with the lowest premium prices and most flexible program coverages on the market. One phone call is all it takes!

    VOLVO Dealers

    Hole-In-Won.com introduced a program in 1995 for the VOLVO Club Challenge Series, focusing on Volvo vehicles (only) and representative dealers. Our comprehensive programs and preferential premium pricing is the best. Arrangements include:

  • ALL Volvo dealers throughout the U.S., Canada and Internationally.
  • ALL Volvo dealers who have multi-line dealerships
  • ALL leasing programs - for Volvo and all other vehicle lines
    Hole-In-Won.com will provide the same program for ANY make of vehicle in your line.
  • Mention the Volvo Club Challenge Hole-In-One Coverage when you call.

    OLDSMOBILE Dealers

    Hole-In-Won.com covers Oldsmobile dealers with THE BEST PREMIUMS and PROGRAMS available - Including your Oldsmobile Scramble Events - Locally, Regionally and Nationally!! Mention the Oldsmobile Scramble Hole-In-One Coverage to your Hole-In-Won.com Representative.

    Compare Hole-In-Won.com's Low Premiums and Flexible Programs -
    More choices for you and your event!

    Hole-In-Won.com will insure your vehicles for Putting Contests - at Golf Tournaments, Trade and Consumer Shows - Chipping Contests, Shootouts, Other Golf Skills Contests, not to mention Other Sports and Dealership Marketing Programs.

    Hole-In-Won.com Provides the Most for the Least!
    Don't miss out on Opportunities You Can't Find Anywhere Else!
    Call or E-mail Right Now!

    CADILLAC Dealers

    Through recent involvement with the National Kidney Foundation, Hole-In-Won.com now delivers unbeatable premium and program arrangements for all Cadillac dealers, nationally and internationally. Please mention Cadillac and the National Kidney Foundation when you contact us.


    Although we have worked on dedicated programs for Oldsmobile and Cadillac (see above), Hole-In-Won.com has developed a number of programs for ALL GM dealers, depending upon your needs, which are absolutely unmatched!


    Hole-In-Won.com has provided a variety of successful Hole-In-One event coverage for the Lincoln-Mercury family of dealerships, and we will continue to do so. A relatively new area of coverage, where Lincoln-Mercury has received very focused exposure, has been Hole-In-Won.com's PUTTING CONTESTS (Trade & Consumer Shows)

    LEXUS Dealers

    Hole-In-Won.com has provided numerous Lexus Dealerships with different prize formats all saving the dealerships cost and providing an excellent advertising venue.

    TOYOTA Dealers

    Hole-In-Won.com has worked with many Toyota Dealerships. Our special LEASE OPTIONS can allow the dealership to participate in many worthy charity events.

    HONDA Dealers

    Hole-In-Won.com incorporated Honda Dealerships into it's programs and has successfully provided these dealerships with over a million dollars worth of coverage in the first year.

    MERCEDES Dealers

    Hole-In-Won.com has always been the fore-runner in Mercedes Benz sponsorships.We have also used Mercedes in our putting contests at numerous trade shows and golf events.

    BMW Dealers

    Hole-In-Won.com has designed special prize coverage for numerous BMW dealers.

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